Mario Kart 9 is reportedly in active development

January 7, 2022
Mario Kart 9

According to industry consultant Dr. Serkan Toto, Mario Kart 9 is currently in active development, and it will feature “a new twist.”

In a new report recounting predictions for 2021 and making some new ones for 2022, Katan Games analyst Dr. Serkan Toto has stated that “Mario Kart 9 is in active development (and comes with a new twist).”

According to Toto, “Nintendo could tease it this year,” which indicates the game would launch on the Nintendo Switch. This would make Mario Kart 9 the second Mario Kart game on the Nintendo Switch after Mario Kart 8 Deluxe launched on the console in April of 2017.

In their predictions, Toto went on to claim that Nintendo may also announce a new mobile game sometime in 2022. “On mobile, Nintendo has been very silent since Mario Kart Tour‘s launch in 2019, but I think 2022 is when we will see an established IP arriving on smart devices again.” 

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Toto also predicted that in 2022 we will see fewer delays as “studios everywhere are getting a lot more cautious when it comes to communicating release dates for the big titles and are getting better at gauging the effects of the pandemic on their production.”

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