Machinima officially closed down with 81 employees laid off

by Ash
February 2, 2019

Machinima Inc., the online multiplatform entertainment network with a heavy focus on gaming culture, has officially been shut down according to a report from Deadline.

The company was acquired by Warner Bros. in 2016 before being folded into the Time Warner owned Otter Media at the start of 2019. Machinima itself has been merged into the company Fullscreen Inc.

Fullscreen Inc is an American entertainment company which offers ‘creative tools, services, and consultation’ to YouTube content creators and brands.

The report from Deadline has a quote from a Machinima spokesperson which confirms that while a ‘select number of Machinima employees remain with the company’, 81 employees have been laid off and the Machinima name is no more.

It’s currently not known if any of the company’s original content will be ported to a new platform or to Fullscreen’s network in the wake of Machinima’s YouTube channel being made private.

Machinima Inc. was founded in January 2000 by Hugh Hancock with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. At first, the company helped draw attention to machinima as an art form, before later shifting their focus to video games, comic books, and pop culture.

The company was acquired by Warner Bros. Digital Networks in 2016. Machinima were also indirectly responsible for the creation of Funhaus, a ‘bunch of people who play games’ and a division of Rooster Teeth Productions.

Source: Deadline, YouTube.

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