Macbook Air 2020 screen 32% brighter under Windows 10

by Surur
May 11, 2020
Apple Macbook Air

I am sure most of our readers agree that running Windows 10 on a Macbook is automatically an improvement on how the device ships, and it turns out one of the ways can now be scientifically measured. was benchmarking the Apple MacBook Air 2020 and discovered under Windows 10 the screen was a whopping 32% brighter than under MacOS.

This boosts the screen from 415 nits to a massive 547 nits of brightness, even brighter than the 500 nits the Macbook Pro 2020 offers.

Screen brightness is of course very important in the summer, especially if you are trying to use your laptop outdoors, suggesting there is one more reason to boot your Macbook Air into Windows 10.

The reason for the difference is not clear, with NotebookCheck speculating it is to maintain colour accuracy of the display, or more ominously to make sure the device’s screen is less bright than the much more expensive Macbook Pro.

Of course, Apple could still teach Microsoft a thing or two, with Microsoft’s Surface products generally topping out below 400 nits of brightness.

via LaptopMag

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