Lumia 635 with 1GB of RAM confirmed by Microsoft


23, 2015

The Lumia 635 was a solid lower range Windows Phone that shipped with a few compromises last year. One of the most notable of these was RAM with the 635 shipping with only 512MB of RAM. In contrast, the 525 had been shipped with 1GB of RAM, making the 635 all the more disappointing to some users. Microsoft had earlier released variants of the device for specific countries in the form of the 636 and 638 which featured 1GB of RAM, now it seems that the 635 proper is getting a spec bump.
Previously we reported that variants of the device had begun to show up in carrier listings, now Microsoft itself lists a Lumia 635 with 1GB of RAM.

Screenshot (37)
From the screenshot, we can see that this device will not be sold in every country but rather be restricted to certain markets. The RAM is not the only difference between the devices, battery life is different too. This 635 will also have the lowest standby time of all the 63x series with 19 days as opposed to the 630 (Dual-Sim) and 635 (512MB ) with  both featuring 25 days and the 636 and 638 coming in at 20 days. How this reflects on screen-on-time and actual usage is yet to be seen.
While Microsoft already has several 1GB low-end devices the 635 remains the best low-end Windows Phone device. While the 535- for example -has better specs on paper at a similar price, the 635 provides a better overall experience in many areas.
Will you be picking up a 1GB 635 variant should it become available in your area? Let us know in the comments

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