Lotus Notes on your Windows Mobile Powered Samsung Device

Samsung Electronics Research Institute (SERI), the developer of applications for Samsung Electronics, announced today Samsung support for IBM Lotus Notes Traveler. With IBM Lotus Notes on their Samsung handhelds, users will have the ability to interact with the calendar, address book, to-do lists and journal information in real time.

Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics, CH Lee is quoted as saying:

“This is an important step for Samsung as we are now the only manufacturer supporting IBM Lotus Notes both for Symbian S60 and for Windows Mobile devices. This gives our customers another way to access the potential power inside their Samsung smartphone, through the medium of IBM’s great software packages. We look forward to Samsung users getting the best experience from this software and enhanced mobile working capabilities, and developers experiencing another channel to create new mobile applications.”

With 145 million licensed users of Lotus Notes, this can only mean more exposure to a substantial market for IBM. Pretty smart business decision, don’t you think? IBM’s mobile software is available immediately for Samsung devices running Windows Mobile OS.

Kevin Cavanaugh, vice president of IBM Lotus Software, says the availability of Lotus Notes Traveler, “will allow mobile workers to achieve maximum productivity, regardless of their location. We’re delighted that users will be able to reap the benefits of our latest technology, making information gathering and the business process as simple and effective as possible.”

So if you are the proud owner of a Samsung handset running the most powerful, diverse OS in the world (WinMo) and are already a Lotus Notes user, or want to be for that matter, this is definitely good news.

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