Live Reactions now rolling out to Microsoft Teams

by Surur
February 5, 2021
live reactions

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Back in July 2020, Microsoft said Microsoft Teams will soon get a Live Reactions feature.

This would allow participants to react during a meeting using emojis that will appear to all participants. Live Reactions is a shared feature with PowerPoint Live Presentations, which allows audience members to provide instant feedback to the presenter.

Today on LinkedIn Troy Batterberry, VP of Microsoft Teams Meetings and Calling Program Management, announced that the feature is now rolling out to desktop and mobile users, saying:

Various studies over the years have suggested that as much as 70%-90% of human communications are non-verbal. When meeting in person, everyone in the room can “feel” the energy from non-verbal reactions such as smiles, clapping, etc. For online meetings, having everyone turn on their video certainly can make a BIG difference helping convey non-verbal communication. In addition, starting today, we are providing a digitally native way for attendees to express their emotions in meetings of all sizes in the form of “Live Reactions”. With Live Reactions, users can express their emotions in a digitally authentic way for everyone in the meeting to see without disrupting the overall meeting.

Live Reactions will be available during chat and also when sharing images and video, where they will float above the content.

live reactions

The feature is available via the React and Raise Hand flyout at the top of the meeting window.

While Live Reactions are available on the desktop and mobile apps, the feature has not made it to the web client yet.

This, and more reaction types, are expected to arrive over the next few months.

via onMSFT

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