LinkedIn release iOS app update which removes snooping code

by Surur
July 7, 2020

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We reported a few days ago that LinkedIn has been caught, hopefully inadvertently, snooping on your clipboard by iOS14’s new activity monitor.

LinkedIn’s VP Engineering of Consumer Products Erran Berger, has insisted it was merely a bug, saying:

“We’ve traced this to a code path that only does an equality check between the clipboard contents and the currently typed content in a text box.”

Now the company has released an update of the app which removes the component which was constantly reading your clipboard.

The practice of copying your clipboard has been found to be very widespread, but so far no company has admitted to doing anything in particular with the data they scrounge up. However with clipboard synchronization on a number of platforms (e.g. the Your Phone app) your clipboard should probably be seen as a sensitive data source which needs a bit more attention than we have been giving it over the years.

Via Neowin

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