LinkedIn is finally moving to Azure from its own infrastructure

Despite being owned by Microsoft for few years now, LinkedIn continues to operate in a independent way. Since there was no pressure from Microsoft to use Azure, LinkedIn continues to build and maintain its own compute infrastructure. Today, LinkedIn announced that it will be migrating to Azure in the coming years. As LinkedIn looks to scale its infrastructure to drive the next stage of growth, moving to Azure seems to be an obvious choice. This will be a a multi-year migration process, may be after 3 years, you can expect all LinkedIn workloads to be running in the Azure public cloud.

LinkedIn is already using Azure is different ways, but not for running its main service. For example, they use it for accelerating video post-delivery, improving machine translation in the Feed and keeping inappropriate content off LinkedIn.

“Moving to Azure will give us access to a wide array of hardware and software innovations, and unprecedented global scale. This will position us to focus on areas where we can deliver unique value to our members and customers. The cloud holds the future for us and we are confident that Azure is the right platform to build on for years to come,” said Mohak Shroff. Senior Vice President of Engineering at LinkedIn.

Source: LinkedIn