LinkedIn will soon let you choose who can comment on your posts


22, 2020

Author Rahul // in News

In an effort give users more control over their posts, LinkedIn is currently working on a new feature called ‘comment controls.’ As the name suggests, the feature is designed to let users choose who can comment on their posts.

As you can see in the above image, you’ll be able to let anyone comment on your LinkedIn posts, or you can also choose the ‘Connections only’ option if you want only your connections to comment on your posts. You can choose the third option if you don’t want anyone to comment on this post.

Although not confirmed, the feature is likely to work similar to how Twitter lets users choose who can reply to their tweets — before you publish a post on LinkedIn, you’ll see three options: Anyone, Connections only, No one. Apart from Twitter, Facebook also offers a similar feature — it lets users select who can see their post and who can’t.

According to reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, the company is currently developing the feature and while it seems that the company has made significant progress in developing the feature, we might have to wait a while before the ‘comment controls’ feature becomes available for the general public.

How many of you are excited about this upcoming new feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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