Lightning Note Free note-taking app

Lightning Note is a fast and easy to use note-taking app with line previews, changeable keyboards, and pinnable note tiles.

QRCodeFeatures Include:

  • Line preview function that can preview large notes on the main page, without having to open the note for editing.
  • Lined editing page to make reading and editing easier.
  • Notes can be marked as favorites, making it easier to find certain frequently used notes.
  • Three selectable keyboards: text message (with auto-correct), telephone number, and email, each designed to input certain kinds of information faster.
  • Ability to email multiple notes.
  • Search function to find notes containing specific letters or words
  • Note tiles can be pinned on the start screen for easy access.

This app is free to use, and ad-supported.

Contact me at [email protected] or visit for more info. Will reply promptly!

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