LG has patented a design for a new PC case that will allow it to take a bit of a beating.

The patent depicts a 3D trapezoid design surrounded by a thick plastic-metal combination. It manages to keep a sleek look, especially with the upside-down triangle symbol on its sides, while also maintaining a practical purpose.

Filed through the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) three days ago, LG’s patent does include some pretty interesting features.

Much like Nintendo’s GameCube, the LG computer features a nifty handle on its top. Apart from that, there’s a suitable amount of IO space and a chunky power button on its front. Simple, practical and safe.

Depending on how sturdy LG’s case ends up being, this could be a worthwhile investment for company’s that handle gaming or computing events. With lots of transportation, it’s likely that average cases can get damaged over time. This could be an end to that problem.

Source: Let’s Go Digital