LG’s latest app allows you to control your LG smartphones using Windows PCs



LG VPInput Windows PC

Earlier this week, LG released a new app that allows users to control their LG G4, G5 and V10 smartphones using Windows PC’s mouse and keyboard. This offers a convenient solution when you’re at your desk but want to check your phone for SMS or notifications without interrupting your workflow. Even text copied from a Word document on the PC can be pasted directly into your smartphone and a screen shot from your smartphone can easily be displayed on your PC monitor. Also, the function keys on the PC keyboard can be setup as shortcuts to launch your favorite smartphone features or apps.


1. Remotely control your Android Smartphone with the mouse on your PC
2. Remotely Input text on your Android Smartphone with the keyboard on your PC
3. Share the Clipboard text between your Android Smartphone and your PC (ex. CTRL+C, CTRL+V)
4. Send an immediately captured screen image of your Android Smartphone
5. Designate a shortcut of your Android Smartphone application on your PC (ex. Press F1, execute Call application)

Download it here from Play Store.

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