LG’s future foldable smartphone might let you wrap the screen into three layers



A phone display, which folds inward or outward, can be a matter of concern especially for those who want to use it as their daily driver as it frequent opening and closing gives rise to crease on the screen. Despite the downside, tech enthusiasts have their hope high on the folding display. That said, the concern over the longevity of the foldable displays is still there and it is very likely to remain so for at least three to four more years.

However, despite having technical difficulties with foldable devices, some manufacturers are looking past the state of a present-day foldable smartphone that has a single foldable display. LG is one of the few comapnies doing exactly that. The company is looking to go beyond a single fold and might bring a new display technology that will let you wrap the display into three layers. In a recent foldable smartphone patent, LG shows us how they are planning to achieve it. Below is a schematic diagram of what it looks like.

As you can see in the above image, the display folds into three layers. It also has room for a digital pencil, which comes handy if you’re someone who likes to use digital pencil quite often. Otherwise, the patent reveals no other information about the foldable smartphone and its display.

Samsung is also working on a wraparound display, but it does not fold into three layers, unlike LG. You can check out Samsung’s patent for wraparound display here.

Source: LetsGoDigital; via: TME

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