Leaked benchmark shows AMD’s new Ryzen is comparable to Intel’s $1000 Core i7-6900K processor

AMD recently unveiled their  high-performance desktop processors based on the “Zen” core architecture (codenamed “Summit Ridge”). The AMD Ryzen features SenseMI, a set of sensing, adapting, and learning technologies built into the AMD Ryzen processor that combine with multiple other advances in architectural, platform, efficiency, and processing technology to address the demanding needs of gamers and enthusiast PC users.

Now a benchmark has leaked early by French publication CPChardware.com which shows that the AMD Ryzen features similar performance to Intel Core i7-6900k.

Their benchmark, meant to be published in the January edition of their magazine, shows the AMD Ryzen is 60% faster than the earlier AMD FX-8370 8-core processor, and draws only 93 watts, vs the 118 watts of the last generation AMD processor, and better than the comparable Intel processor.

In terms of performance, the Intel processor is still slightly ahead by about 13.6% . The AMD Ryzen tested was clocked at 3.15 vs 3.3 GHz it is expected to ship with, so if the clock speed was improved the difference should be a closer 5.6%.

The processor is however expected to cost much less than the $1000 the Intel Core i7-6900K costs, making for a compelling value for money argument.

AMD Ryzen processors for desktops are expected to be available beginning in Q1 2017 and AMD Ryzen notebook processors are planned to launch in 2H 2017.