Latest Photoshop update comes with improved support for high resolution displays and Surface Dial accessory

Adobe today announced new update to Photoshop CC which brings new features like Select Subject, a tool—powered by Adobe Sensei—that enables users to make selections with a single click. This update also comes with improved support for high resolution displays and Surface Dial accessory. Read about the new updates below.

Windows High-Density Monitor Support:

With this release, Photoshop on Windows 10 Creator’s Edition now supports UI scale factors from 100% through 400%, in 25% increments. As a result,. Photoshop UI will look crisp, beautiful, and the right size no matter the resolution of your monitor. Photoshop will now automatically adjust itself based on your Windows settings, making it simple to set up. In addition, Photoshop now supports per-monitor scaling across monitors with different scale factors. This means that a high resolution (HiDPI) laptop now works seamlessly alongside a lower resolution desktop monitor (or vice versa).

“The desire to support and create beautiful experiences is something the teams at Adobe and Microsoft have in common. It’s one of the reasons we’ve been working together closely to ensure Photoshop scales perfectly on any Windows 10 device, from the 12.3-inch Surface Pro all the way to the 28-inch Surface Studio. Details matter, both in the creation of products and the creation of art, and we’re excited to continue our partnership to deliver visually exquisite experiences for all our shared customers.” – Panos Panay, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Devices

New Microsoft Dial Functionality:

With improved Dial support, you can change brush settings while you paint. You can now assign the Microsoft Dial to control opacity and then adjust opacity as you paint. Assign any dynamic control in the Brush Settings Panel to Microsoft Dial, including size, roundness, angle, scatter, texture depth, foreground and background colour, opacity, flow, wetness, and mix.

Select Subject:

This new feature automatically selects the prominent subjects in the image with one click. You can then refine the selection using other selection tools.

Adobe today also announced an update for Adobe XD CC, read about the new features below.

  • Dropbox now supports native XD file previews on mobile, web and desktop. When users view an XD file saved to Dropbox, a preview of the file automatically displays, enabling designers and their stakeholders to find and see experiences that they share via Dropbox quickly. Dropbox support for XD file previews reflects the growing popularity of Adobe XD, as its adoption continues to grow. Dropbox is committed to building a common bridge among its products and leading design tools, teams and users.
  • This update also includes significant enhancements that enable designers to now zoom in and out of a canvas with thousands of artboards without compromising performance. No matter the size of the project, designers can now seamlessly move between screens and across the canvas faster than ever before.
  • Additionally, Adobe XD today released five free UI kits in partnership with leading UI/UX designers around the globe to make it easier than ever to get started designing apps for different platforms. The UI kits include options for smart watches, Apple Dashboard, and transportation and travel apps, and can be found here.

Source: Adobe

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