Latest Microsoft To-Do app update brings file attachments feature

January 28, 2019

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After testing with beta users, Microsoft today announced that file attachments feature is now rolling out to regular users across platforms.
With this support, you can add more context by uploading an image, document or other file to your task. Microsoft To-Do supports variety of file types, but the size of the file is limited to 25 MB per task. Another important thing to note is that files that were added in Outlook Tasks can also be accessible in Microsoft To-Do.

  • To attach a file to a task, open the task to detail view, then select + Add a file and follow the prompts to upload a file from your device.

There are some limitations in this file attachments feature for now:

  1. At the moment, only photos can be uploaded from our Android app. We will support uploads of all file types on Android in the future.
  2. Please know that files are only supported within personal lists at this time. We will bring file support to tasks within shared lists with a future update.

Source: Microsoft

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