Latest iPhone 12 leaks confirms no Smart Connector, but yes to 120 Hz, more

by Surur
May 10, 2020
iphone 12

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It’s still several months before the release of the iPhone 12, and according to EverythingApplePro the company has not even settled on a final design yet, but already a large amount of detail has leaked regarding the handset, largely courtesy of Max Winebach from XDA-Dev.

EverythingApplePro has summed up the new revelations and they include:


  • The earlier leaked smart connector as been dropped from the more recent CAD models.
  • The metallic border will extend beyond the rear glass, offering protection to the glass if you drop it.
  • Navy Blue will replace Midnight-Green in Apple’s lineup.


  • The screen will feature 120 Hz Pro-motion with dynamic variable refresh rate to manage power drain. This will only be available on the iPhone 12 Pro models (6.1 and 6.7 inch).
  • The screens on all 4 models (iPhone 12 Plus (5.4, 6.1 inch) and iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 and 6.7 inc)) will be OLED.


  • The battery is expected to be even bigger than the earlier rumoured 4,400 mAh. How big is not known yet.


  • The FaceID module will be smaller with a wider field of view, working better for example when your phone is lying flat on a desk.
  • FaceID will feature dynamic zoning algorithms which will let it focus on your mouth or lips for example for better performance.
  • It will monitor the orientation of your face with respect to the screen, preventing screen rotation when you are lying down for example.
  • The larger 6.7-inch model may have in-display TouchID.


  • Cameras will remain 12 megapixels, as the 64-megapixel sensor tested underperformed.
  • Auto-focus has been improved and is now 2-3 times faster.
  • Optical Image Stabilization is being improved.
  • Low-light performance is being improved with larger sensors, larger pixels and improved software.
  • The rear LIDAR camera can be used for portrait mode.
  • Log exposure will be improved.
  • The camera will have smart HDR with better noise reduction in low light.
  • It may have 3x optical zoom and 20-30 times digital zoom (vs 2x optical and 10x digital at present).
  • The telephoto lens will be available in night mode.
  • Sensor-Shift Image stabilization may be available.
  • Improved microphones may offer audio zoom in video.

We have heard earlier that the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have flat stainless steel edges as well as more sharply rounded corners like the iPad Pro. Also, the devices will have iPhone 5-like flat screen design on the front. In addition to the new design, the iPhone 12 Pro Max device will have a triple camera setup on the back. Apple will also have LIDAR 3D sensor for more advanced AR capabilities.

Hear EverythingApplePro talk about the latest leaks below:

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