Latest Firefox update brings much improved address bar

April 7, 2020

Mozilla today released a new update for Firefox web browser. This new update brings much improved address bar experience. Whenever you start searching in the address bar, the address bar will be enlarged. Also, Firefox will now offer additional popular keywords as suggestions. You can also access your most visited sites in a single click. Find more details about these changes below.

  • Refreshed look and feel: We’ve enlarged the address bar anytime you want to do a search and simplified it in a single view with larger font, shorter URLs, adjusts to multiple sizes and a shortcut to the most popular sites to search.
  • Smarter searches: For example if you’re considering a “standing desk” for your home office we’ve bolded additional popular keywords that you might not have thought of to narrow your search even further.
  • Your top sites right at your fingertips:With a single click in the address bar, you’ve got access to your most visited sites. And if by chance you have that site already opened in another tab but can’t find it, we’ve highlighted a text shortcut next to it (in teal!) so you can easily jump to that tab rather than going through the gazillion tabs you already have open. This also works for any page you’ve searched, and may not realize you’ve already opened it.

Direct Composition is being integrated for Firefox users on Windows to help improve performance. With this integration, Firefox is planning to ship WebRender on Windows 10 laptops with Intel graphics cards.

Source: Mozilla

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