Latest Comscore numbers show Windows Phone losses stabilize in USA


3, 2015


Last month we reported that Windows Phone has seen massive losses of around a million subscribers in USA since January 2015.

Today we can happily report that in the latest numbers, up to May 2015, the losses appear to have stabilized, with market share remaining the same at 3.0% in May compared to 3.0% in April 2015, which translates into 5.69 million out of the 189.7 million people in the U.S. owns smartphones.

The numbers show every smartphone OS is suffering from a resurgent Apple, who added 3.4 million new users in the 3 months between February and May 2015. Clearly answering Apple’s challenge is a task for all OEMs and mobile operating systems in USA, and hopefully the Windows 10 Mobile flagships we expect to be released towards the end of the year will do just that.

See the full set of Comscore numbers here.

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