Latest AV-Test report ranks Windows Defender as the top Antivirus solution for consumers

by Anmol
August 11, 2019

Microsoft has been pushing their free Antivirus Windows Defender for a long time now and the company has been rather successful in doing so as well. Apart from Microsoft, there are still many companies that sell antiviruses and those usually follow the subscription-based model.

The good news is, users might not have to pay huge sums of money for antiviruses as the latest report from AV-Test has determined Windows Defender as the best antivirus for consumers. The independent lab tests various antiviruses based on certain parameters and publish the results. The reports are updated every two months and the same three parameters are used. Windows Defender has been on the top of the list for quite some time but the antivirus just snagged the top spot with a perfect score in all three categories- protection, performance, and usability.

Microsoft was quick to celebrate the achievement with Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft 365 tweeting out the results published by AV-Test. Windows Defender also managed to get a near-perfect score when tested in the business environment. Overall, Microsoft’s antivirus managed to pass with flying colours which is definitely good news for the company.

Personally, I have ditched third-party antiviruses long back and I completely rely on Windows Defender and I highly recommend it over other third-party antiviruses.

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