Kodi may drop its UWP app if it doesn’t get new developers

November 21, 2019

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Use the Kodi app for Xbox? It’s in a spot of trouble if things don’t change soon. At the moment, the team behind the app has run into an issue. The Xbox app is built on the old UWP Platform. They can’t get developers that are skilled with Microsoft’s UWP to join them. Without developers, the app can’t be maintained. If the app can’t be maintained, it’s going kaput.

“We cannot hold up releases of Kodi just for one or two platforms, no matter how large or active they may be or how many users they have. So there is a real risk that if new blood does not join the team, at least UWP (Xbox) will have to be dropped for Kodi v20 and probably even Matrix v19, the Kodi team said. “Bottom line, without developer interest, the likelihood of there being a UWP release for v19 is slim, and v20 would be zero.”

In other words, if Kodi doesn’t find a new Windows Developer, its Xbox app is probably likely abandonware. Fortunately, the Windows UWP dev community, while small, is dedicated. With this final public plea, things may just work out for the best.

Source: Kodi, Via: Windows Central, Neowin

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