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The Verge reports that the Nokia McLaren, a high end handset recently leaked by evLeaks and which is heading to the market in November, will feature a new 3D touch-less control system called 3D Touch or Real Motion.

According to their sources the handset will also be a Nokia Lumia 1020 successor, featuring a similar camera hump.

The 3D Touch system has apparently been in development by Nokia for some years, and will let users  interact with games and applications without ever touching the display.

Users will be able to answer calls by holding the phone to your ear, have the ability to set the phone down on a table to enable speakerphone, or hang up a call by placing it in a pocket. Phones will also be able to  mute when covered by hand or held to the chest,  and users will be able to dismiss alerts by waving a hand in front of the screen. Sensors will be able to detect how the phone is held, to prevent for example rotating the screen when lying down.

The sides of the phone will also be used to interact with the operating system, and a camera feature will let you zoom simply by dragging your fingers along the side of the device. Users will be able to activate the phone simply by gripping the device.

Phones with 3D Touch will also feature MixView, allowing users to hover over a Live Tile and tap down in the air, without touching the display, to reveal a number of smaller Tiles that are relevant to that particular app. On a Facebook Tile you may see a messaging Tile and phone Tile appear that will allow Windows Phone users to quickly call pinned contacts. The Tiles displayed on screen look like they have simply exploded from the original tile.

The features will be exclusive to Microsoft’s own Nokia-branded handsets and may await the arrival of the second update to Windows Phone 8.1.

Do our readers think these will be real, useful features or just gimmicks? Let us know below.

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