Twitter has been enraging regular users by tuning their new interface for occasional and casual users in recent months, first by launching a cartoonish and visually distracting redesign and secondly by defaulting and regularly reverting your Twitter feed to Top Tweets, their version of Twitter highlights which shows the most popular tweets in and out of your timeline in non-chronological order.

Now an extension has been launched that at least fixes the last issue and stops Twitter from reverting to Top Tweets instead of Latest Tweets.

The Latest Tweets First extension has the following description:

Always show latest tweets with the new Twitter Layout.
“The new Twitter layout is amazing!” — someone must have said it, but it wasn’t us.

The thing we disliked most about the new Twitter design is when you filter by ‘Latest’ tweets, it soon reverts back to ‘Top’ tweets.

With Latest Tweets First, your Twitter feed will automatically show the latest tweets — and *always* the latest tweets — from the people you follow.

Find it in the Chrome extension store here.

Via Techdows