Jackbox Party Pack 6 announced


3, 2019

Jackbox Party Pack 6 was announced today, along with a trailer for Trivia Murder Party 2.

Trivia Murder Party 2 is the hotly awaited sequel to the original Trivia Murder Party, which came out all the way back in Jackbox Party Pack 3.

The announcement trailer is strange, to say the least. It’s a pleasant retro holiday commercial featuring amenities such as towels shaped like swans, complimentary breakfast, murder, and fine dining.

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Also announced for the pack was Everybody Help Grandma, which also received a trailer of its own.

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The far less murder-y trailer lets us know of some of the things that Grandma might have you do, such as: ‘Locating that annoying beeping sound’, ‘”Polishing” the “Silver”‘, and ‘Fetching the “Good” blanket’.

Everybody Help Grandma was revealed on April 1st, however, so there’s a high chance that it is just an April Fool’s joke. I, for one, however, am looking forwards to helping out my Grandma.

Jackbox Party Packs are packs that consist of short party games that you play by using your phone to connect to one central device, such as a laptop or Nintendo Switch. Some games are trivia based, such as Trivia Murder Party, as the name suggests, whilst others rely on your quick thinking and wit to come up with clever answers and jokes when given a prompt.

Jackbox Party Pack 6 is set to launch in fall 2019.

There’s currently no word on which platforms Jackbox Party Pack 6 will be released on, but seeing as Jackbox Party Pack 5 was released on almost every device under the sun, we can likely expect the same.

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