Is Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard mod coming to Xbox, now that Xbox 360 Store is closing soon?

August 18, 2023
Is Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard mod coming to Xbox

Is Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard mod coming to Xbox, eventually, or not? If you remember, some weeks ago, we covered a story of a Reddit user who’s been trying to get Microsoft to release the old Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard back on Xbox.

What started as an innocent joke (or at least, that’s how the other Reddit users saw it), soon turned into a real initiative when the user actually sent a formal request to the Redmond-based tech giant, asking it to release the classic dashboard back on Xbox.

But now, that Microsoft is officially closing the Xbox 360 Store, next year, chances for the Blades Dashboard to be released might not look so good, after all. The user came back on Reddit once again to ask Microsoft: is Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard mod coming to Xbox?

Is Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard mod coming to Xbox, or not?

Well, we have to break it, but there is little chance this once-beloved mod will come back to Xbox.

As one Reddit user put it. the mod is simply too outdated in its original version to support Xbox’s new features and capabilities.

The first iteration of Blades did not have the marketplace tab. I believe it would look so clean since everything would be basically useless on the current metro dash. Bing, TV and apps, Store etc. I think a final dashboard update or revert back would be awesome but I don’t think Microsoft could be bothered with it.

However, given the fact that the Xbox 360 Store has entered its final year of existence, Microsoft might come with a surprise to celebrate both its longevity (it has been around for 18 years), and the Xbox community as a whole, so never say never.

One is allowed to dream, right?

What do you think?


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