iPhone 3.0 vs Windows Mobile 6.5 feature comparison


AreaMobile.de, a German phone website, can be considered pretty neutral, but one has to remember they are from Germany, who obviously know a full featured phone, seeing how the Samsung Omnia outsells the iPhone there.

They have made a detailed feature comparison of the new upcoming iPhone 3.0 OS versus Windows Mobile 6.5, looking at aspects like the standby and default screen,  search and messaging, Copy and paste, Widgets, landscape keyboards, Safari vs.. Internet Explorer, voice-controlled navigation and Bluetooth , Multitasking, Notifications and vs. App Store. Marketplace and so forth.

I don’t think I will spoil their comparison too much for our readers by saying Windows Mobile 6.5 came out resoundingly ahead.

Here is their conclusion:

Is there a clear winner? At first sight it is. Windows Mobile 6.5 gets in our comparison is almost twice as many points as the iPhone OS 3.0. The result is 9:5, but it is the Apple disciples hardly convincing. You create value on factors other than users of Windows Mobile.
Both operating systems are very different, but they are closer to. While experts initially feared that Windows Mobile 6.5 is just a new interface for 6.0, there is now but a serious improvement. The widgets and the startup screen, progress, a graphic interface like TouchFLO 3D almost superfluous. Windows Mobile 7 will be even better.
IPhone OS 3.0 gets through thousands of new APIs. These are programming interfaces with which the software on important core functions of the mobile phone can access. This incredible functions that are currently a maximum of Android knows where, for example, GPS, camera and Wikipedia in an application like Wikitude can be shared. After the update to OS 3.0, the most users barely miss a feature. However, they remain a few important basic functions fails, the other smartphones have long been standard: multitasking and background processes are the main negative points would be better Notifications also very beautiful.
But the iPhone OS is at the moment is the mobile platform with the largest attraction. All other manufacturers look to it and try to the best features to copy. This also applies to Windows Mobile 6.5, but only an interim version to be. With Windows Mobile 7 may be all very different.

While admitting that its the iPhone setting the pace at the moment, it is also clear that in a large part iPhone 3.0 was merely about catching up to the functionality already available on the Windows Mobile platform, and that Apple has far from drawn completely level yet.

Read the full article here (English translation)