iOS 16 introduces a handful of new features and enhancements

September 13, 2022

iPhone 8 or later and second- and third-gen iPhone SE users can now download for free the new version of iOS, the iOS 16.

The latest version of iOS offers a bunch of new features and improvements, and it will allow users to further personalize how the things they see on their screens. For instance, users can now change the clock’s color and font and partner it with widgets for additional info, like calendar events, weather, and other time zones.

Another highlight of the update is the Lock Screen, which offers new different options to customize the phone display. It has a wallpaper generator, and you can also use wallpapers showing you dynamic weather and astronomical details. There is also an option to use your picture and apply a depth effect to help you better “pop” as the photo’s subject. Speaking of photos, it should now be easier for you to share them with family members and others via shared libraries. This will let everyone with access to that library access the photos without having to share them manually.

There are a lot of other features introduced for the Lock Screen in this update, including an intelligent suggestion of Lock Screen photos, automatic Lock Screen phot shuffle, real-time Live Activities, improved notifications and Now Playing design, notification animations, and so much more.

Personalization isn’t the only star of iOS 16. There are also a lot of improvements injected into Focus, such as setting up a notification silence list, scheduling, Focus filters, and more.

As expected, the ability to edit a message is coming to this update, so you can now edit texts for up to 15 minutes after sending them, while unsending can only be performed within two minutes. Other features include marking messages as unread, recovering recently deleted messages, sharing synchronized activities, sending invites to collaborate on a project in Messages, audio message playback, and more.

The Home of iOS also gets improvements, like a new design for it. Other things to check and try are the Whole-house view, a new camera view, redesigned accessory tiles, and new widgets on the iPhone Lock Screen. 

Apple tapped a lot of other sections of the system, so you can also expect enhancements and new key features on Mail, Safari, Passkeys, Live Text, Siri, Dictation, Maps, Apple Pay and Wallet, Health, Fitness, Family Sharing, Privacy, Security, and Accessibility. Other improvements are also expected to come in the future, like the iCloud Shared Photo Library and Freeform, which are coming later this year, and CarPlay, which is scheduled for late 2023. There are also other minor sections getting improvements, like Camera, App Clips, FaceTime, and more.

Users can now start the download of the latest iOS, either via the Settings app or computer wired update. Needless to say, backing up your files is the first rule to observe before doing it.

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