Intel teams with Chromium to improve power consumption

by Atiya
March 25, 2020

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While Chromium-based Chrome is a lot of people’s browser of choice, it’s no secret that it consumes more power than is ideal.

Thankfully, users will soon no longer have to sacrifice battery life for functionality.

Intel is teaming up with Chromium engineers to minimise the power consumption of the browser.

The company’s recent Ice Lake processor facilitates the improved battery life thanks to its support of RGB10 overlay.  Through this patch, HDR videos will be played and will result in superior power performance.

“Intel platforms since Icelake begin to support outputting HDR content through its ovelay tech with RGBA10 format. (To) enable this feature would provide better energy performance on devices based on Icelake or above”- Intel engineer.

Due to current circumstances, Google is forgoing Chrome 81 and 82, and jumping straight to Chrome 83 in the next planned release.  Users should expect this improvement to be implemented sometime after updates resume.

Source: theWinCentralWindowslatest

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