Intel Core Ultra processors with integrated neural processing unit are launching on Dec 14th

September 19, 2023
Intel Core Ultra processor

At Intel Innovation 2023, Intel announced the upcoming Intel Core Ultra processors, code-named Meteor Lake. This new generation of Intel Core processor features Intel’s largest client architectural shift in 40 years. It is the first client processor manufactured on the new Intel 4 process node using its 3D high-performance hybrid architecture, and the first client tile-based design enabled by Foveros packaging technology and features CPU, GPU and NPU.

The new Intel Core Ultra processors, code-named Meteor Lake, features Intel’s first integrated neural processing unit, or NPU, for power-efficient AI acceleration and local inference on the PC. Core Ultra also brings discrete-level graphics performance with integrated Intel Arc graphics.

According to Intel, Core Ultra’s architecture delivers a balance of performance and power across AI-driven tasks:

  • The GPU has performance parallelism and throughput, ideal for AI infused in media, 3D applications and the render pipeline.
  • The NPU is a dedicated low-power AI engine for sustained AI and AI offload.
  • The CPU has a fast response ideal for lightweight, single-inference low-latency AI tasks.

“Intel expects to ship tens of millions of new AI-enabled PCs into the market in 2024 and later scaling to hundreds of millions of units,” said Intel CEO Pat.

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