Intel announces 8 core i9-9900KS processor

by Anmol
May 27, 2019

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Intel has announced a new i9-9900KS processor today. The new processor is sort of a special edition processor which is similar to Core i9-9900K but can turbo-boost up to 5Ghz. The processor also has a base speed of 4Ghz which is more than 3.6Ghz that you will get on an i9-9900K.

With the launch of i9-9900KS, Intel has kick-started the 2019 processor battle. Earlier today, AMD has revealed the 3rd generation Ryzen series processors that come with up to 12-cores. With the new Ryzen series, AMD can definitely steal the thunder. However, we won’t know for sure until both the new processors are tested under real-life conditions.

With the battle between Intel and AMD heating up, the real winners will be customers who now have more choices in terms of what processor to pick. That said, the real-life tests should identify the winner and should also clarify if 12-cores on AMD would help users or it’s just for crypto-mining and other hardware intensive tasks.

Via Forbes

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