Instagram copies another feature from Snapchat, will alert if you take screenshots of stories and photos sent via DM

by Anmol
February 13, 2018

Facebook has left no stones unturned when it comes to copying features from Snapchat. Now it looks like the social media giant is rolling out a new feature for Instagram which is again a copy from Snapchat. The new feature will notify users if someone is taking screenshots of their stories.

The new feature will send a popup saying the other person will be notified that you have taken the screenshot. If you thought this was the end of it then you’re wrong. Instagram will send notification if you take a screenshot of a photo someone sent you in private message. The app will send a notification saying that the other user has taken a screenshot of the photo you sent them. Both of the features are still rolling out and there’s a chance that you might not have got them yet.

The good thing, however, is once this feature rolls out, you will get a warning message before the user is notified that you took a screenshot. There are some ways to prevent them from being notified as well. You can’t directly turn off this feature from the settings or something but if you turn on Airplane mode and then take a screenshot, the person won’t be notified. Do note that we haven’t tried the workaround so do it at your own risk. That being said, we will let you know once the feature is live for everyone and if there’s any perfect workaround to prevent the other person from knowing it.

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