India moves to ban Zoom over privacy concerns

May 25, 2020

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Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom has gained popularity around the world but the company has been under a microscope due to a number of security vulnerabilities within the app.

After advising against the use of Zoom, India has moved to ban the app. A petition has been filed against Zoom noting that the lack of encryption is a violation of Information Technology Act, 2000, and Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Interception, Monitoring and Decryption of Information) Rules, 2009. The Supreme Court of India has reached out to the government for an official response on the plea filed by the petitioner.

We have been focused on enhancing our commitment to security and privacy under our 90-day plan announced April 1st, and have made significant progress.

In India, we’ve been proud to help businesses, government agencies, communities, school teachers, and other users stay connected during this challenging and unprecedented time.

– Zoom (via TheWindowsClub)

Zoom is confident that they now have enough measures in place to prevent hacks and attacks like Zoombombing. The company, however, can face stiff competition from Reliance Jio’s Meet video conferencing service that is expected to launch soon. Zoom has not commented on whether it sees Reliance’s Meet service as a threat.

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