Ideogram AI Review: What Sets It Apart?

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ideogram ai review

This Ideogram AI review will help you find out if this text-to-image tool is worth your time.

I’ll guide you through its key features and how to use them to create stunning artwork. By the end, you’ll know if this is the AI image generator you’ve been looking for.

Let’s roll in.

What is Ideogram AI?

Ideogram AI Homepage

Ideogram AI is a highly effective tool designed to combine text and AI-generated images. This app offers a user-friendly interface, so you can easily craft stunning artwork, logos, and designs.

Unlike conventional tools, Ideogram AI stands out for its exceptional ability to integrate text with AI-generated visuals with unparalleled ease and speed.


Incorporate Texts Into Visuals

What sets Ideogram AI apart from other text-to-image AI tools is it lets you integrate text into your AI-generated artwork. This way, you can create effective posters, ads, or infographics using AI.

Hello world image

That said, this capability not only simplifies the design process but also adds a dynamic layer to visual content to make it more engaging and effective for conveying messages in various contexts.

Choose Different Styles

Choosing different styles in an AI tool is super useful because it lets you switch things up. With Ideogram AI, you’re in control – pick from styles like anime, graffiti, or fantasy. It gives you a whole lot of creative options at your fingertips.

Here’s an overview of the various styles you get with Ideogram AI:

  • Product
  • Graffiti
  • Wildlife Photography
  • Cinematic
  • Typography
  • Anime
  • Painting
  • Illustration
  • Architecture
  • Conceptual Art
  • Portrait Photography
  • Photo
  • Ukiyo-e
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Poster
  • Vibrant
  • Fashion
  • 3D Render

Using Ideogram AI, you can customize your generated images, giving them a unique twist by mixing and matching different styles. So, whether you’re feeling artsy, edgy, or dreamy, this tool’s got you covered, making your creations stand out with a personal touch.

Pick the Aspect Ratio You Like

Picking the right size for your AI-generated images is important, and Ideogram AI makes it a breeze. You get to choose from three resolutions and the tool serves up the top four results.

Aspect ratio

Need something for Instagram? Go for 1:1. Want a wide view? Opt for 16:10. This feature is a lifesaver and makes sure your artworks fit perfectly for different purposes.

Understands Prompts Really Well

When you use a text-to-image AI tool, the prompts you give guide what the tool creates. The more details you share, the closer the result matches what you have in mind.

Ideogram AI shines in understanding your prompts accurately, making it super reliable. Your creative ideas come to life effortlessly because this tool gets what you’re saying. So, whether it’s a specific vibe or a unique concept, Ideogram AI is your go-to for turning words into amazing visuals.

Save Your Artwork

We all know that when using an AI image creator, saving the artwork is important because it lets you keep what you create for later use. Ideogram AI makes life easy – it automatically saves all your designs under your account.

This way, you don’t lose anything and can access your creations whenever you want.


When you click on one of the image outputs, it triggers the “Remix” feature. This feature makes it easy to create new prompts using the chosen image and its generated prompt. The prompt box and style tags fill in with past info automatically.

The Remix tool gives control over the influence of the original image on the new creation, ranging from level one to five. Level five means a strong impact, but you can also choose zero influence, relying only on the prompt and style tags for the new image.

Earn Titles

At Ideogram, talented users earn special titles that recognize their creativity:

  • Rising Creator
  • Top Creator
  • Elite Creator

Titles aren’t handed out randomly; you must meet specific criteria by being recently active and creating images aligned with Ideogram’s vibe.

Once earned, your profile picture sports a cool outline matching your tier—gold for Elite Creator, for instance. Title decisions consider factors like creation count, user likes, followers, and remixes.

Interestingly, titleholders enjoy more daily generations compared to the standard 25 for free users, adding extra perks to acknowledge and reward outstanding contributions on the platform.

Private Generations

Last but not least, private generations are a key feature of Ideogram AI. The platform lets you decide if your creations stay private for personal viewing or become public.

To activate the privacy setting, toggle the “private” option next to the “Generate” button. To check your private creations, go to your profile via the “Me” icon and click the “Private” tab.

Public or private

This dedicated section serves as a secure archive and provides easy access to your exclusive visual compositions.

How to Use Ideogram AI

Follow these steps to start using Ideogram AI and create stunning AI art:

Step 1: Visit Ideogram AI’s website and select Signup with Google.

Sign up Google

Step 2: Enter your username and click Complete Registration.

Enter username

Step 3: Access the main interface. Here, you can access the recent and trending AI artwork generated and shared by other users.


Step 4: Click the input bar to write your prompt, choose an aspect ratio, select a style, and choose visibility (public vs. private). Enter a prompt and click Generate.

Prompt bar

Step 5: After a few seconds, your artwork will be generated. For instance, these are the results I got for the prompt “A puppy on a mountain.”

Puppy image

Step 6: Click on a generation to pin, edit, or download it.


Ideogram AI offers both free and paid plans. Here’s an overview of its pricing:

FeaturesFree PlanBasic PlanPlus Plan
Monthly PriceFree$8 USD$20 USD
Annual PriceFree$84 USD ($7 USD/month)$192 USD ($16 USD/month)
Standard Generation100 images/day (25 prompts/day)400 images/day (100 prompts/day)Unlimited
Priority GenerationNot available1600 images/month (400 prompts/month)4000 images/month (1000 prompts/month)
Community BrowsingYesYesYes
Compressed (JPG) DownloadYesNoNo
Original Quality (PNG) DownloadNoYesYes
Priority Access to New FeaturesNoYesYes
Priority Generation Top-Up (Coming Soon)NoNoYes

Ideogram AI Review – Verdict

Ideogram AI can wow you with diverse styles like anime and graffiti and makes creativity a breeze. The tool’s cool features like Remix, titles, and text incorporation make it even more fun.

On top of that, privacy is in your hands with an easy “private” toggle that gives you control over who sees your creations. You can access your private work easily through the profile’s dedicated “Private” tab.

To sum up, Ideogram AI is a user-friendly text-to-image AI platform with tons of artistic possibilities and personalization.

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