Id Software announce Doom Slayers Collection for the Switch during QuakeCon

August 20, 2021
Doom Slayers Collection

Id Software has heard the cries of Nintendo Switch fans for more Doom amidst the wailing of all the demons, so they’ve put together a Doom Slayers Collection, featuring five games from the franchise. 

Featuring 1993’s original Doom, Doom 2, Doom 64, Doom 3, and 2016’s DOOM there’s a whole lot of demon-slaying to enjoy on the go, and you can play them all today, as the Doom Slayers Collection is out now. 

This collection has already been out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since late 2019, so it’s nice to finally have it all ported over to the Nintendo Switch, especially after id Software proved that ports of Doom were very much possible once they surprisingly got Doom Eternal running on the handheld. 

Unlike past editions of the Doom Slayers Collection, Switch players will be getting an extra special treat, Doom 64, as, after all, that game was first devised for the Nintendo 64. 

This extra game comes at a rather steep cost, however, as on the Nintendo Switch, the Doom Slayers Collection costs a staggering $49.99, unlike the PlayStation and Xbox versions which are usually $29.99.

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Nintendo Switch gamers can also look forward to the release of DOOM Eternal’s latest DLC, The Ancient Gods – Part Two which will be coming to the platform next week on the 26th of August, which you can watch a new trailer for now.

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