iCloud now FINALLY supports Android and iOS mobile web browsers!


11, 2020

Author Atiya // in Apple

Apple has finally allowed native support for iCloud.com on mobile browsers for both Android and iOS devices.  Now, users can use the following features online: Photos, Notes, Reminders, and Find my iPhone.

Here’s a glimpse of the new iCloud mobile website:

Account Settings

Here we can find external links to Apple ID, Language settings, Format settings and storage capacity.  What we can’t see are the data recovery features and the list of devices that are signed into iCloud.


Now, you can view your entire iCloud photo library online, on your mobile device.  You can also delete, like, add and download photo, and even copy the iCloud share link.

After opening a photo to view, you can return to the album by swiping down.

Find My iPhone

The mobile Find My iPhone feature is complete with the same features as the full desktop version.  you can play a sound to locate your device, view it in a map, erase it, check its battery level and finally set it to lost mode.


Not to forget the final feature- reminders.  Here you can add reminders to a previously created list and also change the “Name & Appearance” of them.  You can’t, however, create a new list or share them from the mobile site.

The mobile site is still in its early days, so there are inevitably a few bugs still present- particularly for Android users.  For example, one user with an Android device reported that they were unable to type in a note after creating it.  Users have also reported problems with uploading photos to the iCloud Photo Library.

Hopefully, in the future, we’ll see the inclusion of other features to the mobile web browser, like Contacts and Calendar- and possibly even Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

Source: newslanded

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