Hyundai Mobile goes European. Windows Mobile phone in 2009

January 19, 2009

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I didn’t know that Hyundai made mobile phones and chances are, that neither did you. Well, the Korean company might not be the biggest name in mobile phones, but it had presence in such markets for a while now. They ‘ve even released a couple of Windows Mobile phones in the past.

Now, in the not-so-thriving economic climate,  Hyundai Mobile announced their UK launch and they are confident enough to aim for a 3 to 5% market share within 5 years. They hope to achieve their goals, by releasing between 10 and 15 devices for 2009 including at least one Windows Mobile handset (Hyundai Blighty). Eight devices are already in the European market, so expect new devices to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress this February.

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