Humour Story Free (English/Vietnamese) – A good way to improve your English or Vietnamese.


This free application allows you to read many funny stories in both English and Vietnamese.

There are 2 columns that shows the 2 languages, and they are scrollable independently, making it very convenient to read in both languages. The application is especially useful if you are learning English or Vietnamese.

We plan to add new stories each week via an application update. Once you see a new update of the application in Marketplace, it means that we have publish new version with more stories and bug fixes if there are any.

This is the free (ad-supported) version which allows you to read all stories. There is also a paid version (ad-free) of this application that you can easily find in the Marketplace.

The application can be found under the “Books & References\EReader” category of Marketplace for free and can also be found in Marketplace here.

This application is developed and published by Blue Trading. For any technical support/feedback/comments, please contact us via email at .