Huawei’s Android replacement OS may actually be less of a replacement than was initially assumed.

When asked directly about it,  Huawei’s Catherine Chen (a board member and senior VP) aid that the company would continue to use Android for its smartphone business. When asked about Hongmeng, she said that it was for industrial use and IoT devices. Its lightness and low-latency made it perfect for those purposes. It was reiterated again that Huawei intends to continue using Android on its consumer-facing products.

Huawei has recently been the subject of controversy as the US government sought to limit it from doing any business with US companies. This led to Google temporarily pulling its Android license while the firm worked to lobby for a resolution. The restriction was later lifted by the US administration.

However, should said limits be placed once more on Huawei by the US government, it is unclear what Plan B (if any) would be if not Hongmeng.

Source: Xinhua