HTC HD3… From Concept To Rumors and back again


Well if you are a regular reader of sites like Gizmodo, WME, BGR or just about any mobile tech site, you might have noticed the image of the HD3. Well there is a funny story behind that one. Apparently, the image created by one of our most frequent contributors has now become the new face of the next HTC device. The mockup he created about 3 months ago has gone around the world from London to Italy, Japan, china, Indonesia, and has finally made it back here to the US blogs.

The image was made by NAK designs, and he gave the device some pretty awesome specs. One that no person that loves phones will not get a major rush from, a bit like how you get a rush from crack. To give you a quick memory jog, it was 4.5 inch screen (too big), 1.5 GHz processor (too fast, not needed), 8MP Camera (Perfect), and a great battery life. Now that sounds all peachy except for the fact that it is not actually going to happen. I could not believe how many sites actually posted something like that, and it was no big deal until our friends at BGR posted it, which we are like 88% sure they knew it was fake since they read our site. Needless to say, this shows a bit of how blogs and mockups… do not go well together, well unless you love to see many rumors that just break your delicate hearts because they are not going to happen.

I would also like to add… did anyone notice the giant NAK designs logo on the bottom, or is that just normal not to notice names on images. If that did not jump at you, maybe the slogan “Simply Powerful” got you… It didn’t? How come? I thought HTC’s slogan was “Quietly Brilliant”? Hmm, I most have been mistaken.

What did you think about the story when you saw it around the web? Did you even believe it? Comment below.

P.S it seems most of the sites have noticed (via comments)…… its fake. Remember we are seeing this as funny, not “coming” at any sites… We just find this funny.

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