HP’s next-gen VR headset revealed

February 6, 2019

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Back in 2017, HP first announced its Windows Mixed Reality headset. It came with 1440 x 1440 resolution per eye, up to a 90Hz refresh rate, comfortable double-padded band and easy adjustments. Last year, HP introduced a new Mixed Reality Headset named Mixed Reality Headset Pro. The resolution and the refresh rates were same as the original but the Pro had replaceable face cushions inside of it. It made the device more comfortable to use especially if you use it for long durations. Today, Road to VR published new information on the next-gen VR headset from HP which is codenamed Copper.

Highlights of Copper Windows Mixed Reality headset:

  • Top-strap design with sleek headphones attached to the headband.
  • Copper’s clarity will beat all the current Windows Mixed Reality headsets in the market, thanks to 2,160 × 2,160 (per eye) resolution displays.
  • Copper’s field of view is same as that of other VR headsets in the market.
  • Feels lighter and more comfortable to wear than current Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

HP has designed this headset for enterprise market, but it will make it available for general consumers also. We will hear more about this VR headset from HP in the coming months.

Source: RoadtoVR

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