HP teases a “no compromise” Windows Mixed Reality VR headset

by Surur
March 23, 2020
hp reverb 2

HP has teased a “next gen” VR headset on Steam,  exactly a year after their announcement of the HP Reverb Windows Mixed Reality headset.

The teaser does not give much away but does confirm that it is a Windows Mixed Reality headset powered by Microsoft.

Calling it the new standard in VR, HP says they developed the HP Virtual Reality HMD in collaboration with Valve and Microsoft, to deliver an immersive, comfortable and compatible VR experience.

Last year’s HP Reverb headset featured a staggering 2160 x 2160 panel per eye and 114-degree field of view, and weighed only 430g.

It also features integrated headphones with spatial audio and smart assistant compatible dual microphones for a greater immersive experience. It is likely the new headset will have similar features.

Last year’s HP Reverb headset

HP Reverb comes with pre-paired motion controllers right out of the box (no need to pair) and support for Windows Mixed Reality and Steam VR. And it also comes with removable, cleanable facemask cushions.

Last year’s HP Reverb cost between $599 and $649 for the Pro version. HP has not made a full announcement yet with full specs, price and availability details.

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