HP Elite x3 launches in Hong Kong



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HP has now launched the HP Elite x3 in Hong Kong.

Asia Pacific Mobile Business and Business solutions director Wong Chi-ming said: “Today, we work in an increasingly high demand environment for mobility, requiring a set of phone, tablet, laptop, or even desktop PC experience in a mobile device that can reduce the need to carry multiple machines, also taking into account the current work and life integration between the new standard . HP Elite x3, in a business IT environment with Windows 10 operating system, and software from Office 365, offers seamless handover to the working platform, and with cloud HP Workspace app and service it is no different from a desktop computer to receive the full experience. ”

The HP Elite X3 is of course designed to replace both your phone and PC and Huang Hao Zhang, director of personal systems business unit HP Inc. in Hong Kong, said: “I am responsible for new product launches HP for many years, and I have  never tried to do presentations without a laptop but this time I was able to easily connect, all because of this Elite x3.”

He also said: “the HP solution partner Yi new technology (EBSL) and Schmidt-soft (SCHMIDT-iSOFT) will offer the Elite x3 as a platform for multiple industry-specific solutions extend to Windows 10 operating system, to ensure that retail, logistics, hotels, shopping malls and facilities management industries to provide innovative technologies and convenient one-stop management solution. ”

It is expected that the HP Elite x3 will be available in November, priced at HK $ 6,499. HP Desk Dock is priced at HK $ 1,199. HP Lap Dock is priced at HK $ 4,899.

The HP Workspace cloud service subscription price is expected to be released in November 2016.

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