How To See Who Shared Your Instagram Post?

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Almost everyone posts on the Instagram app to gain more publicity, to be discovered by more people, and to enlarge their social network unless you’re catering to some close friends only. View IG is something important when you want to be discovered. One of the best ways to grow your account’s popularity and also your posts’ is for other users to share your posts.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to see who shared your Instagram post, your story reshares, and post insights with some extra tips.

Keeping up with Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, now run under the larger company Meta along with other platforms like Facebook. Many Instagram stories, posts, and reels are shared every second on the platform. To use it for your better management, it is essential to keep up with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm.

Instagram has been an ideal platform for making friends, building and promoting a brand by business account, pr share, and making money, especially after 2016 and it doesn’t seem to be ever slowing down in the close future. It is a platform that everyone uses, and there are lots of third-party apps that provide useful services to it such as 1394ta.

This article is about shared posts and posts insights and it is mainly for Instagram. To see which social media metrics are the most important in general and on which you should focus.

What you need to see in your shared Instagram posts

You can’t see who shared your post on a personal account, unfortunately. Regular users who use an Instagram personal account can see who likes their posts and who views their stories but to see who shared your Instagram post you need to change your account type.

There are two main ways of sharing posts on Instagram: stories share and share on DMs. To see the total number of people who shared your posts on Instagram, you need to change your account into a business account or creator account. Note that this is the only way you can see the total number of shares on your photo or video.

Due to privacy policy, you can’t see who shared posts with whom, but the business Instagram only needs to see the general traffic, and the details aren’t much more important anyway.

How to change your account into business or creator accounts

To view story reshares, DM reshares, and total Instagram engagement numbers, users need to change their account type.

To change your account into a business Instagram page or creator’s account: go to your  Instagram profile, go to settings, tap account, scroll down, and tap switch to a personal account. Now you’ll be able to view insights on all the posts and how much users shared your Instagram post. An important app to boost your insights is 1394ta where you can manage required followers, likes, and views from there.

A business profile has to be public

Remember that changing your account type will automatically make it no longer a private account if it were. A business account can’t be a private account. Yet, this is the only way to view story re-shares and DM shares of Instagram posts and private account users aren’t interested in these numbers anyway.

If you need some inspiration for an Instagram name for your new creator account.

How to see who shared your Instagram post and post insights

Now that your account is ideal, you can see who has shared a post on Instagram; again this is only total numbers and not specific people.

To view insights: open Instagram, go to your profile where you can see your Instagram photos, and select a specific post, “View insights” button will appear at the bottom left of the posted photo.

Here a new interface will appear with all Instagram sharing insights. The paper plane-like icon will show you the total number of shares. The procedure is the same in all the posts, the post can be a photo or a video, etc.

How to see who shared your post on their Instagram story

Viewing post re-share on stories follows a similar path. You can also see the users who share pictures of yours on their stories. However, if someone’s account is private, you’ll not be able to see who they’re and that they posted it. If you post on your story other’s posts, they can see it this way too.

To see who shared your post on Instagram stories: go to your profile, open a post you have posted recently (older posts have a smaller chance of being shared on stories), click on three dots at the upper right-hand corner of the post, the button “View story re-shares” will show you if any single person shared your posts on their story in the past 24 hours.

You can only see within 24 hours

Again, after 24 hours, the posted stories disappear and you’ll not be able to see who shared your post and if they’re a private account, you won’t know. So, act accordingly.

By proceeding with this option, you’ll find an interface of people who shared your posts on the story in grid view. You can see their username, open the story and visit their profile and connect.

Using Instagram creative studio for more fame

To gain publicity in the advanced world of Instagram, you need a solid strategy. Almost no one gets famous because of their charming personality or looks. And business profiles don’t use Instagram the same way any other regular user uses it.

A feature called Instagram creative studio is essential for a business profile. This studio is accessible not only on mobile but on PC as well so you can get a better bird’s eye view of your business profile. To see everything, you need to know about the Instagram creative studio.

Here you can access various essentials on the main menu: content library for seeing all your content. A calendar features so you can schedule posting and not keep your followers waiting by establishing a routine. You can also schedule a post for a future date and it is posted when its time comes.

Monetization and better insights

There is also here an “Insights” page but is much more effective than the one we’ve been talking about, which only enables seeing who shared your post. Here, you can explore your profile insights and audience metrics by their gender, age, location, and Instagram activity.

You can use the “Monetization” option to see how you can make money off your content and how much. If you need to grow bigger on Instagram, you’re going to need to use the Instagram creative studio at some point.

Some tips for going bigger on Instagram

To view your post shares, you need people who are interested in your content. Here are some tips on how to make better Instagram posts.

Instagram has a top search engine connecting people and content. You need to make the best use of it so your content is discovered more and easier. Here there are Top, people, tags, location, and audio sections.

The top page is sorted according to captions. So, add relevant keywords to your captions, for people to find the posts. In the audio section, you can add popular music to your reels, so when people look up a certain song, your video appears.

Add hashtags and location tags to your posts

Relevant hashtags are essential for a post to be visible on an interested user’s search. Make sure you use relevant hashtags for your niche.

Also, add location tags to your post so people who discover a certain location can see them.

Choose a charming username, name, bio, and picture

Think about your audience carefully and what they like. Choose your names and bio accordingly so people don’t go back on your profile and want to see more of your stuff.

Choose your profile picture according to what you post. A smile and promise of fun are always attractive to everyone.