How to open RAR files on Windows 11 easily in 5 steps

August 7, 2023
how to open rar files on windows 11

How to open RAR files on Windows 11? Well, you should know that now it’s pretty easy for you to do so. Earlier this year, at the Build 2023 Conference, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 will finally get native support for 7-ZIP, TAR, and other formats listed below:

  • .tar  
  • .tar.gz  
  • .tar.bz2  
  • .tar.zst  
  • .tar.xz 
  • .tgz  
  • .tbz2  
  • .tzst 
  • .txz 
  • .rar  
  • .7z 

You’ll no longer need third-party apps to extract RAR files or any other archived format, for that matter.

How to open RAR on Windows 11

  1. Download any .RAR or any other archived format file on your Windows 11 device.
  2. Select the file or right-click on it. Either way, once selected, the option Extract All will appear.
  3. Click on any option, and a pop-up window will to open rar files on windows 11
  4. Choose your preferred folder where you want to extract the RAR file and click on to open rar files on windows 11
  5. And you’re done. Windows 11 native RAR extractor will automatically take you to the extracted folder.

Make sure to keep your Windows 11 updated, as Microsoft will update the native RAR extractor as well. This way you’ll be able to extract even more archived formats in the future.

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