How to get a Palm Treo Pro for nearly free


21, 2008

Author Surur // in hack

It seems Palm has taken many pages from Apple’s playbook, the latest being releasing an unsubsidized phone at a pretty high price into the market. The main difference however is that the Treo Pro is unlocked, whereas the iPhone, despite being unsubsidized was very much locked.

The fact is however that $549 is a pretty steep price for a phone. How does the average Palm customer get his hands on Palm’s most desirable Treo ever. The solution is simple: Buy an iPhone 3G for $199 and sign up for a 2 year contract.

Step 2 – yes, there is a step 2. Sell said iPhone 3G, still boxed, on E-Bay for around $700. Does not matter if its locked or not, prices are still pretty steep. This part is important – keep the SIM card AT&T gives you. This is where Apple’s  innovative SIM Removal Tool‘s importance becomes clear.

Step 3 – buy a Palm Treo Pro for a mere $549, or $50 out of pocket for you. Pop your AT&T SIM card into your Treo.  Proceed to laugh merrily while iPhone 3G users drop calls, suffer constant resets and apps that wont start and revel in your ability to cut and paste.

And yes, turnabout is fair play.

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