With the recent news that the plastic around the USB-C port on the Surface Duo is fragile, there has been a lot of interest in ways of avoiding interacting a lot with the area.

Unfortunately, the Surface Duo lacks Qi Wireless Charging, meaning users are forced to charge the device at least once per day via the USB-C port.

Fortunately, it is perfectly possible to add Qi wireless charging as an aftermarket accessory to your smartphone, with redditor Maahir Madhok doing just that.

This is possible with the use of a Wireless Charging Receiver coil, which is readily available on Amazon.

The coils, which are very thin, plug into the USB-C port, often support up to 15W fast charging and can often be concealed under cases.

They plug into your USB-C port and attach via adhesive to your smartphone, making it a somewhat permanent install, but given the ubiquity of wireless charging these days for many users, this is not a problem, and I can imagine it could be concealed quite well under the popular DBrand skins being used by the Surface Duo community.

Check out some solutions for $10-$20 at Amazon here.