How to add WIFI calling to the T-Mobile HTC 8X



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imageT-Mobile is no longer selling the HTC 8X, and while the Nokia Lumia 521 and the Nokia Lumia 925 have WIFI calling enabled, the HTC 8X will likely never get the convenient feature.

Reader James reports however that there is no real reason the high-end Windows Phone 8 handset will not work with the service, and he has found a simple way to enable it.

On his T-Mobile HTC 8X with software/firmware 8.0.10211.204/1532.20.20010.531, he enabled the service by simply going to the T-Mobile website, changing his phone to a Blackberry Bold, adding the free WIFI calling feature and crucially doing a factory reset.

After booting up again the phone had a blue WIFI calling tile on the home screen, which he says appears to work quite well and fully as expected.

Now we have not been able to confirm this ourselves, but I am sure one or two of our intrepid readers will be up to the job.  Let us know how well this simple hack works for you (and of course don’t forget to back up as much as possible first).

Thanks James for the tip.

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