How good is the Dual LED flash on the HTC HD2? Pretty great!

dualflash DavidK over at FuzeMobility seems to have retired his Fuze for a HTC HD2 and appears to be pretty impressed with one of its features, the dual LED flash.  He took some pictures in a completely dark room to see what the useful range of the flash is, and his results are pretty surprising.

Regarding the set up of his test he says:

Nighttime with all lights off and no substantial ambient light (just what makes it through the windows and into a kitchen). A regular camera (DSLR, pocket camera, etc) will not detect any light and the image is just black. So, how does the HD2 fare in this setting? Take a look for yourself.

FYI all the photos are treated the same way. The background is blurred except for a bag of Animal Crackers which I zoomed into and set in detail so you can see the actual photo size relative to the inset.

David has a whole collection of pictures, but I will only reproduce the ones at 5 feet and 20 feet.

See the pictures after the break.


5 feet 


20 feet

He concludes:

The light on the Fuze is good and it’s a great flashlight but it can’t hold a candle to the HD2’s dual LED flash. If you have any concerns about going out at night and missing the shot because of a poor cell phone camera (maybe you even have a phone without a flash at all) if you’re carrying the HD2 you won’t have anything to be nervous about…except blinding your friends:)

See the rest of the pictures at Fuzemobility here.