Hinder™ New Exclusive Game For Windows 10 Available Now

Freeman Technologies first game launch partnership with Magnus Engström with a new game title, Hinder™ exclusive to Windows 10.
Hinder™ is a puzzle game created by Magnus Engström originally form of HTML5 and now ported from Freeman Technologies to Windows 10 platform natively. The goal is to push all boxes to the right position to open the exit, in order to save your friend and free yourself from the bad guys! Break out and take revenge!

Hinder™ is Available Now via the Windows Store, exclusive to Windows 10 PCs and Tablets. Later this year the game will expand to Windows 10 Mobile & ID@Xbox Xbox One, Microsoft HoloLens and other devices in the near future. The game will have Xbox Live features & achievements in the near future for Windows 10 platforms.

Available Now Via Windows Store

See the official trailer below:

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