Here’s how to get Chrome with the new RAM-saving Segment Heap feature right now



We reported last week that Google was getting ready to implement Microsoft’s new Segment Heap RAM-saving feature in Google Chrome, which has a massive reputation as a RAM hog.

Until Windows 10 2004 the feature was only available to UWP and Microsoft apps, but it is now available to any Win32 app, including Google Chrome, if enabled in the manifest of the app.

On the Chromium blog, Google Chrome Bruce Dawson has confirmed the feature is now enabled in the latest Canary version of Google Chrome, saying:

“This change made it into today’s Chrome canary (Version 85.0.4182.0 (Official Build) canary (64-bit). I can confirm that the segment heap is enabled.”

Microsoft says the feature cuts RAM usage by nearly 1/3 in the Edge browser, so we expect similar gains in Google Chrome.

If you have been running into the limits of your RAM on your Windows 10 PC, and you are running Windows 10 2004 (ie the May 2020 Update) you can try out Chrome Canary today. The browser can be installed next to your regular Chrome browser and is generally safe to try it.

Find it at Google here.

via WindowsLatest

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